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Crew Resource Management Training for Canada’s air operators. Your flight crew and AME’s and operational staff will be equipped with the knowledge and expertise needed to make your company safer with reduced risk.  Think about how Threat and Error Management along with Decision Making and Communication could improve every part of your operations. These are only a few of the key topics that make up today’s Crew Resource Management.

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When you work with Empress Aero for Crew Resource Management training, you are drawing on the collective knowledge and experience of professional Canadian Airline Transport pilots as well as the most up to date research in human performance for AME’s, and flight crew. You can trust that you are getting very best in the industry training available. Every aspect of our resources and teaching materials were developed and adapted by professionals. We know what it takes to operate as a crew in all of Canada’s geography and demographics.

Our Crew Resource Management course is engaging and interactive, so it makes the learning process a breeze. We’re well equipped help you meet Transport Canada’s requirements so you have complete peace of mind. If you don’t have the time to develop and implement a training program, or you are simply looking for a one stop solution for your Crew Management Resource training, Empress Aero is here to help. Take the next step, please contact us to schedule your Crew Management Resource training course today.

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About Us

Phil Peters
Phil Peters
Equipping air operators and training managers with easy to implement and effective Crew Resource Management training is Phil’s motive for creating Empress Aero. Phil has been a pilot since 1992 and flew in Canada’s North for more than 15 years in 703 and 705 operations. He continues to build his experience as an Airline Transport Pilot with type ratings on Dash 8 and Boeing 737 aircraft. While not in the airplane Phil has been building on his interest in web design and media to provide an effective e-Learning platform for CRM training. Phil is a capable speaker and presenter particularly in leading and provoking discussion related to accident case studies.
Chris Toornstra
Chris Toornstra
Chris started his enjoyable aviation career in 1999. His experience includes piloting for several charter, commuter and airline carriers. He has extensive experience flying in Northern and Arctic Canada. Crew Resource Management is what Chris is passionate about. Transport Canada highly regards CRM instructional material built and presented by Chris.
Mike Sferrazza
Mike Sferrazza
Michael has been flying airplanes for 9 years and has an extensive background in flight instructing, 705 operations as well as the world of business aviation alike. He is passionate about developing world-class leaders and believes that this begins with a safer flight deck. Through the use of values-driven leadership, a unique background in aviation, and his accreditation with the ICF it is Michael’s goal to continue to equip clients with the necessary tools to grow, develop, and enhance the driven pursuit of safe and effective pilot communication.


Our commitment to you is to deliver excellence in e-Learning, in-person presentations and case study review webinars. As our client, the training you receive will provide you even greater confidence in your staff and their ability to make safe decisions. By adopting our unique approach to threat and error management your team will have the fundamental basis for Crew Resource Management in all facets of aviation. Its our task and passion to foster development of professional attitudes and behaviors so that safe operations is the everyday norm and culture in your company.

Ensuring compliance with the Transport Canada Advisory Circular 700-042 requiring Crew Resource Management training for all Canadian Air Operators is your goal. Empress Aero ensures all aspects of the circular are complied with so you don’t have to worry about an audit going wrong. Crew Resource Management training compliance can be met through e-Learning, in person facilitated training, webinars or through the convenience of video conferencing.

  • Solid Foundation – Crew Resource Management courses developed by our team have been approved and endorsed by Transport Canada since 2013. You can trust our research, material and delivery.

  • Diverse Operators – Operators from aerial work, air taxi, commuter and airline operations ask us about Crew Resource Management.  Our team has the  experience in facilitate CRM training for fixed wing and rotary wing operators. We have helped pilot owner/operators size companies to organizations with corporate fleets and international air carriers meet Transport Canada compliance.


Our mission is to provide the very best Crew Resource Management training for professionals at all levels in Canada’s aviation industry.

We believe each and every person in flight operations has valuable resources that can have a multiplying effect on safety in day to day operations. Being a good steward of resources is what adopting Crew Resource Management skills into everyday work practice is all about. Empress Aero strives to impart the values of CRM through inductive learning. We provide tailor made courses with specific accident case studies relevant to the operators type of operation and company culture.

Our vision is to realize a significant reduction in accidents and incidents within 2 years of the start of CRM training in all segments of air operations.

Your satisfaction is our priority and we ensure our training program meets Transport Canada’s requirements perfectly. We are extremely confident in our training. If your POI doesn’t approve the course syllabus, or if you are not satisfied with the training program, we will make it right. Period!

Our Clients Include


If you prefer to have your staff study on their own time and at their own speed then our CRM e-learning package may be a good fit. Because the scope of your operations differs from others in the industry we make sure you receive the most suitable CRM syllabus.  Some of the following modules may be suitable for e-learning provided by Empress Aero.

  • Threat & Error Management

  • Situational Awareness

  • Pressure & Stress

  • Fatigue

  • Workload Management

  • Decision Making

  • Automation & Technology Management

Discover how you can benefit from our experience in building and delivering your Crew Resource Management training.